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Sun May 25, 2008
(Houston Chronicle) Hero After 100 surgeries and defying the odds for three years, a Texas Marine loses his final battle (63)
(MDN) Sappy Ugly-ass baby river otters to go outside for sunbathing, playing some jugband music (38)
(AZCentral) Sad The mom from "The Family Circus" has died. Funeral procession expected to follow black dotted line all over town before ending up at the cemetary (110)
(Some Spud) Sad Inventor of McDonald's french fries dies. Good night greasy man (68)
(Village Voice) Scary Woman blows .02 and gets three felony DUI convictions... WTF? (140)
(TBO) Florida Police in Florida are now arresting people for walking on the wrong side of the road (49)
(Dalton Daily Citizen) Photoshop Photoshop this guy wearing real life beer goggles (32)
(American Thinker) Dumbass Chicago: where wearing a Celtic knot symbolic of your Scottish clan, or reading an anti-KKK book can get you labeled as a klansman and fired (147)
(SMH) Interesting Cross dresser refused entry to casino because a security guard said he was "inappropriately" attired. After seeing the pic one could dare say the security guard might have been right (76)
(Fox News) News Those seven minutes of terror, it is time (720)
(Telegraph) Interesting Sex-change soldier wins $500,000 for 'hurt feelings' (228)
(CBS12) Followup Teen who stole Girl Scout's cookie money on TV pleads out, tired of being reminded she's an asshat. "I still don't think it gives them the right to be screaming things at me at Publix, at Starbucks, at Wal Mart, at Target." (241)
(BBC) Interesting Piracy on the rise again. On the bright side, at least we don't have to worry about global warming any more (45)
(News.com.au) Cool 20 cool pics from Google Street View -- includes cars burning, kids falling off bikes, and a dude running in scuba gear (103)
(Daily Mail) Asinine Not news: Teenager fined for littering. Nanny State: For releasing helium balloon at charity event (91)
(Boston Globe) Amusing Historic Rhode Island farms offering the public chance to try their hands at pig farming. Phew phew phew (19)
(Canada.com) Obvious Perhaps our neighbors to the north aren't so different from us. "Forget ice cream and shorts - beer festival is the first sign of summer" (67)
(Wired) Cool Happy Towel Day, hoopy froods. Have a jynantonnix (111)
(BBC) Interesting Tawny owl flies in as oldest mother (with pic goodness) (29)
(BBC) Scary 747 cargo plane belonging to Kalitta Air has broken in half on takeoff in Brussels. Includes vid of breaking news (122)
(Daily Mail) Sappy The cutest litter of English Bulldogs you'll see all year (60)
(NJ.com) Scary Two innocent men arrested and detained. One because he shared a name with a wanted felon, the other because he lived where a criminal used to live. That's some fine police work, Lou (90)
(Some John Guy) Asinine Lorain city councilman happily arrested for soliciting a prostitute. With joyful mugshot (37)
(SFGate) Cool 76 year old man becomes oldest person to climb Mount Everest, tells kids to get off his snow capped lawn (25)
(Proud Grandson) Photoshop Photoshop this rock-n-roll granny (41)
(Cracked) Amusing 12 comic book ads that taught us to be cynical (119)
(Washington Post) Interesting Dictrict of Columbia begins online voting for design of commemorative quarter. Sadly, the popular "Marion Barry Buying Crack", "Senator Molesting Page" and "Vagrant Urinating on Your Leg" failed to make final cut (44)
(AFP) Scary Hops shortage worsens. Craft breweries may have to cut way back on production levels. EVERYBODY PANIC. No, seriously, EVERYBODY PANIC (116)
(Some Guy) Scary You call that Photoshop hell? THIS is Photoshop hell (178)
(FARK) Spiffy Final reminder: NYC Fark Party tonight at 6 in Hell's Kitchen. LGT previous thread, DIT as well (25)
(AFP) Weird Old Aussie cookbooks reveal delights of bush tucker, bandicoot, kangaroo brains and black swans. Mmmm... kangaroo brains. Nom nom nom (30)
(Charleston.net) Stupid OMG did u no? SC#1 st8e txtin wyl drvng (89)
(SLO Tribune) Amusing Today's "naked man trying to hump a taxicab windshield" brought to you by Avila Beach, CA and the sheer horror of the taxi driver (55)
(Contra Costa Times) Strange "Engberg said fortunately her 6-year-old daughter is too young to understand what she heard and she wasn't forced to explain why a dog and a pig were being intimate with each other." (56)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Families in Mexico can now participate in a live simulation-adventure that lets them experience what it's like to sneak across the border. "It's part of our culture, and it's important to know it." (198)
(MSNBC) Scary "Government lawyers told federal judges that the President can send the military into any U.S. neighborhood, capture a citizen and hold him in prison without charge, indefinitely." (742)
(The Sun) Ironic Nanny States "amusement park" new customer policy. You will have fun, dammit. Or else (58)
(UPI) Strange Man wakes up from surgery to find a male hospital worker trying to give him mouth-to-penis resuscitation (116)
(TBO) Florida Man uses a baby carriage to try to escape from the law. Sean Connery and Kevin Costner not impressed (25)
(Some Guy) Sad #273 on the list of weird ways to buy the farm: Teen boy walking on the side of the road has his neck sliced open by stolen stop signs sticking out of a passing truck. Girlfriend: "we had plans this weekend, but that's changed." (133)
(CCTV) Spiffy Workers from other provinces help rebuild Chinese power grid after Sichuan quake. Guess it needed just a little of that Hunan touch (20)
(USA Today) Interesting More fitness enthusiasts are using the bible to guide their workouts, with such biblical principles as "your body is a temple." Submitter fails at religion, since he's had no worshippers at his temple in a LONG time (114)
(SeattlePI) Strange Drum circle broken up by gun wielding maniac. Hippies not amused (with hilarious photo) (100)
(Occifer.com) Cool High gas prices force cops to walk the beat (61)
(Nola.com) Asinine Mayor of town crashes through toll booth while drunk one night with no headlights. Solution: Suspend cops that pulled him over and followed police chief's orders (44)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Professional skateboarder accused of putting his half pipe in a 15-year-old girl's ollie (53)
(Google) Photoshop Today's Iron Photoshop ingredient: Push pins (38)
(Some Guy) Cool Robbie Knievel successfully jumps 24 delivery trucks at King's Island, site of his dad's record-breaking jump in 1975 (58)
(AP) Sad "Say goodnight, Dick" (174)

Sat May 24, 2008
(CNN) PSA Farc leader dead. Fark leader still drinking beer, checking out boobies (93)
(Daily Mail) Followup British secret agent's wife implicated in the F1 orgy scandal will leave you shaken, stirred and in handcuffs with your pants around your ankles (64)
(AP) Scary Shark bites American surfer off the Pacific coast of Mexico, sings about fellatio (71)
(Daily Mail) Cool The wreck of the Titanic was only found after a top-secret mission to -BLAM- -BLAM- ++CARRIER LOST++ (108)
(Denver Post) Weird In the continuing trend of airlines beating up on the the average Joe, Frontier Airlines will now charge extra when you check in antlers (43)
(Asbury Park Press) Dumbass Bad: You don't pay your phone bill. Obvious: The phone company cancels your service. Fark: You're the police department (35)
(Stemboat Pilot & Today) Hero Vietnam vet on attending high school commencement, receiving diploma: "I want to thank the kids for taking on an old fart like me. They're making an old man's dream come true." (106)
(ABC News) Sad Abrakestabra (124)
(Google) Photoshop Photoshop Theme: design a travel poster for an unlikely vacation destination (82)
(TC Palm) Florida Autistic child voted out of his Kindergarten class by a 14-2 count. Since it's Florida, there's going to be a court-ordered recount (398)
(Some Okie) News Tornadoes in central Oklahoma going hog wild, attacking pig farms and endangering bacon production facilties (tornadoes discussion thread here -- good luck, everyone) (132)
(First Coast News) Florida Strippers also suffering difficult times with high price of gas, food, travel. "[I've gone from] about a grand a week, down to a couple hundred." (143)
(WSRZ.COM) Florida Blowing a kiss to a cop gets a 14 year old arrested (with video) - instant follow up - arresting officer has resigned (222)
(Stars and Stripes) Interesting Strange but true facts about aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, like it comes with an escalator, women's lingerie department (112)
(Spiegel) Cool Slideshow takes us back to a time when airfare was cheap, and stewardesses were all women and smokin HOT. Bonus: Es ist ein ziemlich großes Flugzeug, wie ein Tylenol (96)
(Google) Cool TX BBQ enthusiasts and roadtrippers: Texas Monthly's quintennial BBQ review is out. Here's a map marking all the places from 2003 & 2008, with ratings (253)
(Centre Daily Times) Interesting As gas soars to $4 a gallon, some pumps can't compute anything over $3.99. Solution: set the price to per half-gallon. There, now gas seems cheaper (258)
(My Fox Boston) Dumbass Mom upset 14-year-old daughter suspended for wearing "SOPHOMORE 69" T-shirt, cannot imagine why school considers it sexually explicit. (w/ video) (240)
(11 Alive) Obvious Beer is recession proof (73)
(Some Redhead Elf) Amusing Tattoos? Sure honey. A piercing? Euhm ... okay I guess. Elf ears? Snowflake, I think we should talk (534)
(Yahoo) Interesting How to avoid dealing with high gas prices and overcrowded vacation sites -- try a relaxing "staycation" instead (244)
(AJC) Amusing I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about, so here's a picture of a princess with a pancake on her head (93)
(Some Flaming Guy) Photoshop Photoshop this torch bearer (45)
(AP) Spiffy Pacific humpback whale population continues to rise in spite of a breeding pair being stolen from the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito (116)
(Seattle Times) Obvious When you're purchasing a vehicle, it's probably best not to tell the sales staff about the $40,000 you have stuffed into your mattress at home (67)
(Daily Mail) Stupid Nanny State wants to chop down 150ft Chilean pine because its needles might poke somebody (96)
(Chattanoogan) Dumbass City Attorney sees no problem with citizens shooting at coyotes in the city. Naturally, some other city officials have a problem with this (36)
(WMTW.com) Obvious Study says antidepressants are okay for fetuses. Because sometimes it just sucks to not be born yet. You all just don't understand (75)
(Seattle Times) Hero Mom tired of being victimized catches a bunch of hoodlums on her lawn, and she "just snapped". Hilarity ensues (322)
(Daily Mail) Amusing You neigbor builds a new terrace by your garden. Do you a) tell them job well done, b) go over for a cup of tea, or c) build a 16 ft wall to block their view ? (131)
(Some Guy) Caption Caption this sneaky peeker (40)
(Abc.net.au) Obvious Real archaeologists to Harrison Ford: you're doing it wrong, but thanks for the new recruits (173)
(Centre Daily Times) Stupid Today's dumb crook gets out of jail, walks across street and steals car. Is promptly reacquainted with his cell (29)
(wptv) Amusing Hang on, I need to hail this taxi cat so that I can get home in time for Caturday (481)
(Telegraph) PSA After a session at the gym, don't drink five litres of water. Stick to beer (75)
(Some Guy) Amusing Not News: 73 year old woman gets into argument with son. News: About walking around house naked. Fark: Shoots self in finger (24)
(Telegraph) Stupid PETA are protesting the size of a goldfish bowl on a television show. Goldfish give a shiat for five seconds, then forget about it (97)
(Reuters) Strange FDA warns of nipple cream that can harm babies. Good, those little bastards are bogarting boobs anyway (36)
(SFGate) Interesting Wedding photographer captures earthquake with pics showing why they're not getting their deposit back (64)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop these interested women (41)
(Some Guy) Dumbass When stealing cars, make sure you and your two wives have thought your cunning plan all the way through. ('Dumbass' because there's no 'JAPAN' tag) (18)
(News.com.au) Interesting Prince Charles has old growth removed from his face but not from his throne (18)
(MSNBC) Interesting Finally ridding themselves of that pesky Roy Scheider, the NYPD acquires super sophisticated helicopter (49)
(CNN) Obvious Wildlife refuges threatened by drugs, hookers (29)
(Some Guy) Interesting Hippie who died 35 years ago gets the worst-ever forensic reconstruction w/pic (118)

Fri May 23, 2008
(AP) Strange Man uses frog aphrodisiac, winds up stiff (60)
(officer.com) Dumbass Dumb: Teens call in fake pizza order, then try to rob delivery guy. Dumber: They try it again... using the same phone. Morons: Busted by undercover cop playing delivery guy (44)
(IOL) Scary Five-year-old hospitalized after his father tries to blow him up... with an air hose in the anus (139)
(Some Guy) Followup Vallejo, CA files for bankruptcy. Let the good times roll (166)
(OC Register) Dumbass C'mon, who HASN'T tried to drug a Russian Olympic gold medalist ice dancer? (33)
(JSOnline) Dumbass Five people face charges for using nail salons to launder cash. Well, you Nguyen some, you lose some (116)
(The Smoking Gun) Amusing It's time for our weekly dose of mugshot goodness... patriotic Memorial Day style (224)
(SSRN) Amusing The more religious the law student, the worse the grades received. Finally, empirical proof that God hates lawyers (595)
(Forbes) Dumbass Step 1. Get offered promotion. Step 2. Turn it down because you weigh 400 pounds, the new job involves travel and you're embarrassed to book double seats. Step 3. Cry discrimination. Step 4. Profit? (203)
(Gizmodo) Cool New robot bunny in development. Will be released after scientists perfect pancake attachment (65)
(SeattlePI) Dumbass Post-robbery evaluation: Successful break-in? Check. Bind residents? Check. Successful escape? Check. Count the money? Umm (23)
(AP) Dumbass Why is Hillary still in the running? Because according to her, Obama might be gunned down like Bobby Kennedy. Oops, she's sorry she said that out loud (876)
(Reuters) Dumbass Woman drove the wrong way down a Brazilian highway for five miles (eight km), scattering holiday traffic and skirting a police roadblock, after turning around because she had no money for the toll (49)
(HolyTaco) Amusing Girl tragically afflicted with "open mouth" disease (124)
(Flickr) Photoshop Photoshop this artistic street scene (48)
(WSRZ.COM) Florida Teacher resigns after cellphone footage of him bodyslamming a student is released (with video) (150)
(Some Guy) Amusing Job-hunting pro tip: Don't list the company that you stole money from as a reference (66)
(Some Guy) Amusing "Satnavs are pretty good if you know how to use them." Old couple has to be rescued from the middle of some bushes (58)
(AP) Stupid Small Wisconsin town's Board of Education decides not to ban "controversial" book. Title: "Bling, Bling: Hip Hop's Crown Jewels" (353)
(Boston Channel) Dumbass If you nailed a python to a telephone pole in Lawrence, MA, the police would like to arrest you (171)
(CBC) Followup McCain has polyps in his colon, apparently the result of too much speaking from that part of his body. Otherwise, he's in pretty good health. Except the cancer (500)
(Discovery) Interesting Scientists suggest that the numbers of perfect games are increasing because bowlers have rough balls. Bowlers teste about the accusation, insist that it's skill (131)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Scary Motivational speaker arrested for attempted murder, reminds us to chase our dreams (103)
(Globe and Mail) Dumbass Note to Canada: Offering to drop off helicopters in Burma is a nice gesture, but make sure you actually have a plane available next time (99)
(Metro) Amusing Hell hath no fury like a cheated upon woman with pictures of your naked butt (223)
(WTMJ) Amusing Bride who dumped her fiancee right before their wedding is sued by the groom's mother. HBO optioning rights for the upcoming courtroom catfight (210)
(New York Daily News) Obvious After over 100 years, NYC Transit finally, maybe, agrees it's a good idea to turn off power to the third rail when cops are chasing suspects through the subway tunnels (65)
(NBC17.com) Florida If you stole a trailer containing $150,000 worth of liquor, the Miami Fark Party Committee would like to have a word with you (52)
(Some Guy) Stupid Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings -- because they're allergic to it (436)
(St. Petersburg Times) Interesting A list of the top ten coolest beer names. "Wasatch Polygamy Porter" tops the list, based on its slogan: "Why have just one?" (208)
(Guardian.com) Florida Mother who kept her teenage adopted son in a cage has been sentenced to spend the next 20 years in one (167)
(FARK) Cool Reminder: NYC Fark Party Sunday 5/25. LGT previous thread, Those not hung over, please come hang out (56)
(Some Drunk Guy) Cool Last call for CT Fark Party, Sat. 24th at 6pm. New location is the Wood 'n' Tap in Southington. LGT bar, DIT (55)
(Some Guy) Interesting California proposes 25 percent porn tax. Charlie Sheen takes out home-equity loan (244)
(Some Guy) Unlikely Man found hanging upside down from tree tells police that he was innocent -- the tree attacked him (63)
(National Geographic) Photoshop Photoshop these camels (53)
(Toronto Star) Stupid Not content with just one public relations nightmare, Tim Hortons goes two for one in May after employee chastises customer for buying a homeless pregnant woman breakfast (274)
(CNN) Sad Chinese quake victims need millions of tents. South Korean teens offer to teach them how to camp using only Code Red and a mouse (140)
(Lancashire Evening Post) Dumbass First law of stealing: Check out the wild animals in the area first (22)
(News.com.au) Interesting One in 20 patients want to kill their doctor. And that's before they've seen the bill (140)
(News.com.au) Unlikely Man tries to dodge rape conviction by arguing he was badly affected by venom from a funnel web spider bite at the time. Judge hands down verdict of "Epic Fail" (62)
(Telegraph) Dumbass Today's entrant in the "should have checked Snopes" is the Daily Telegraph, with its pictures of a "death defying leap over the Grand Canyon" (83)
(Abc.net.au) Strange Not news: 12,000 students take GCSE exam. News: The answers were accidentally printed on the opposite side. Fark: Only an estimated 5% of the students noticed (43)
(CBC) Followup What's four feet in Canada, eh? Strange, that's what (76)
(Washington Times) Obvious McCain to limit reporters' access to his medical records, lawn (132)
(London Times) Hero Hottie Bollywood actress goes to Afghanistan and has sex with Special Forces troops. We're somehow supposed to see this as a bad thing (203)
(News.com.au) PSA When is it a bad thing for a stoned chick to masturbate loudly in front of you? Ask this paramedic (131)
(WOAI) Weird When you're a school board member who talks about digging a moat along the Texas border and putting alligators inside to control the immigration problem, what do you do to bump up the crazy? Pull a gun at a car wash and start shooting (53)
(London Times) Scary Tony Blair comes within seconds of being U.S.S. Liberty'd by the Israeli Air Force. Oy vey (286)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop the deep blue sea (86)
(Some Guy) Interesting News: Illinois town to quadruple parking meter fines. Fark: To $1.00 (67)
(CBS Salt Lake City) Stupid Government refuses to dip into U.S. oil stockpile, saying it's needed for "future emergencies." Okay... define "emergency" (547)
(eCanadaNow) Amusing Canadians more likely to be a victim of crime on the Internet than on the street. Obviously, it's hard for most cats to commit street crimes when they're cooped up indoors (56)

Thu May 22, 2008
(Bitten and Bound) Strange Woman who was clinically dead for 18 hours wakes up and is none the worse for wear. Doctors still scratching their heads (239)
(Newsweek) Stupid Newsweek asks: Do people really make a living off eBay? (140)
(Local6) Florida Despite a lingering drought, neighbors warned by homeowners' association to water their lawns or face fines (98)
(NWCN) Weird Pregnant waitress offended by card slipped into her tip by childless couple hoping to adopt her baby. Couple's attorney: "We haven't had any negative response to this method" (154)
(My San Antonio) Obvious Any driver who refuses to take a breathalyzer test, will have blood drawn. No exceptions. Welcome to San Antonio (363)
(Some Guy) Asinine Tennessee high school student who rode a horse to school to protest high gas prices is being denied his graduation ceremonies this Friday by the principal (137)
(Fox News) Obvious Rev. Hagee usees time-honored "You can't fire me, I quit" defense on McCain (121)
(Yahoo) Interesting Rich people are smarter than poor people. The evolution of Eloi and Morlocks is on the way (350)
(The Record) Interesting "This is a huge, huge step forward . . . We're using nature to solve a man-made problem." Student finds a microbe that digests plastic bags (153)
(Some Weatherman) Unlikely NOAA weatherpeople have gathered all the darts off the board, seen where the cows pooped on the chart, and scientifically announce an above average hurricane season for 2008. Or maybe not (52)
(Reuters) Obvious Missouri car dealership offer free $250 gas card or free gun with every car purchase. "Every buyer so far 'except one guy from Canada and one old guy' has elected to take the gun." (231)
(ABC News) Obvious Headline: "Trainer Frets Over Fate of Missing Stud." Subby wasn't even aware anyone was looking for him (40)
(Sun Sentinel) Florida Florida has three of the nations top ten beaches, however if you go to one you are at risk of being run over by a drugged up school teacher on the run from the law for having sex with a 15 year old alligator (65)
(CNN) Dumbass Ford: Our cars don't suck - gas is just too expensive (369)
(FARK) Photoshop Photoshop Theme: Depict the last thing you'd want to see before you die (95)
(Globe and Mail) Ironic Headlines Quebec during their next budget "Help, we're being persecuted", Headlines at every other time "Stop being paranoid xenophobes or you'll be the end of us all" (191)
(Network World) Interesting Is the FAA losing battle of flight delay hell? (68)
(Denver Channel) Interesting Apparently poodles are great hunting dogs. Just make sure their ribbons and bows are waterproof (w/video) (107)
(CBS Salt Lake City) Unlikely McDonald's says its french fries are healthier than ever. But they still contain fatty oils and high sodium levels that can jack your cholesterol and kill you (136)
(AP) Spiffy Brooklyn Bridge turns 125 today. Related cliché about NY scam artists turns 124 years, 11 months (47)
(CBS Chicago) Asinine Old and [not] busted: Blaming the oil corporations for the high cost of gas. New hotness: Discovering your state and local governments are soaking you for 20% of that cost (250)
(Gawker) Dumbass If a popular website posts a link to your ridiculous Craigslist ad, it's probably not a good idea to call them up and leave a ranting phone message, as they will post that too (1234)
(USA Today) Strange Minn. baseball team celebrates Larry Craig by giving away 2,500 bobble-foot-in-a-toilet dolls. This follows rectal exam giveaway in Wisconsin (51)
(MSNBC) Obvious When Ted Kennedy gives up his seat, he wants the voters of Massachusetts to vote in the most qualified successor. Just kidding--he wants his wife to take it (250)
(CBC) Silly News: Women ski jumpers sue to ban their male counterparts from competing in Olympics Fark: They sue the wrong organization (114)
(AJC) Obvious Investigators shocked to learn that a Georgia Tech employee used her computer to store pictures of her sex acts. Everyone else shocked to learn someone at Georgia Tech was having sex. Bonus: no robots involved (219)
(MSNBC) Amusing Men run out of gas in their plane. Start praying. Land next to a "Jesus is Lord" billboard. Claim it's a miracle that god tried to kill them (357)
(Yahoo) Dumbass Woman pissed that her favorite MMORPG was shut down for an hour to honor the victims of the Chinese earthquake; posts a video of herself mocking quake surivivors online. Apparently she forgot she lived in China. Jailiarity ensued in a big way (182)
(CBS 4 Denver) NewsFlash Tornado is reported on the ground north of Denver, Colorado (319)
(CBS Salt Lake City) NewsFlash Welfare officials had no right to take kids away from their orgy-loving polygamist parents (516)
(AZCentral) Obvious Swarm of bees sting 2 residents. Firefighters called in. Swarm of bees then sting 3 firefighters (95)
(BBC) Stupid Vandals break into Stonehenge site, chip off coin-sized stone piece and escape. No one knows who they were, but police do know what they were doing (124)
(Daily Mail) Stupid Museum covers up naked mummies. With pics. SFW, unless naked mummies offend your coworkers (107)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Interesting Children in India burn toy guns in protest of violence, chanting "we hate guns, we love football", which is pretty much the exact opposite approach taken by NFL players (50)
(Independent) Interesting Meth lab accidentally donated to church (50)
(Think Progress) Dumbass White House attacks Jerusalem Post story about US invading Iran before Bush's term is up. Probably because they forgot to include a spoiler alert (226)
(BBC) Interesting Soaring fuel prices result in fourteen percent increase in subway use in Los Angeles, despite the fact it doesn't go anywhere people want to go (132)
(Wired) Asinine The obvious solution to rising gas prices and global warming implementing a national speed limit of 55mph, because everyone obeys speed limits (520)
(NBC 11) Video Bears on their own are scary enough. But when they can also twirl baseball bats, time to watch out (71)
(Daily Mail) Amusing British children aged 11-15 drink an average of 11.4 units of alcohol every week. EVERYBODY PARTY (117)
(Canada Now) Obvious Amy 'pass that pipe' Winehouse flees her home, claiming that a poltergeist named "Henry" wants to kick her ass (220)
(CNN) Stupid CNN has moved on from mancaves to manimony. Submitter manpalms (134)
(Columbia Journalism Review) Asinine It's not news, it's MSNBC interviewing an astrologer about which candidate will win in the fall. She didn't say, but she did predict the impending collapse of major media news coverage in the US (58)
(ESPN) Dumbass Fan plummets to his death at Turner Field after getting plastered and deciding that sliding down a long-ass handrail is a good idea. That does it. Let's ban handrails (139)
(SeattlePI) Silly Man so obsessed with Indiana Jones he got married in the white dinner jacket from "Temple of Doom" and named his son Harrison after his wife refused Indiana (w/ "I need a 12 step program" pic) (110)
(Wired) Amusing Ted Kennedy's brain tumor may have been caused by a herpes virus. When asked if he was mad at the aide who infected him, Kennedy said it's water under the bridge (253)
(9 News) Unlikely Researcher says he can determine who will go on shooting rampages by analyzing teens' writing for terms like "I'm going to kill everyone." (37)
(People Magazine) Dumbass Now that we have a picture of the other woman, we can all join together in singing - to Shania Twain's soon-to-be ex-husband - a rousing chorus of "You're Doing It Wrong." (347)
(Flickr) Photoshop Shop this pup (58)
(USA Today) Stupid After several years of rebuilding and nearly $22 million upgrades and enhancements, New Orleans finally has a system of levees that...leaks and will probably collapse if exposed to a flood. Thanks, guys (108)
(UPI) Asinine In a complete waste of taxpayer money a study conducted by scientist has defined premature ejaculation (218)
(USA Today) Interesting TSA announces plan to streamline security checkpoints by allowing passengers to leave laptops in special, Targus or Skooba-designed bags. This announcement brought to you by Targus and Skooba, for all your laptop needs (124)
(AP) Dumbass Chavez to USA: "We will send fighter jets the next time you violate Venezuelan airspace." USA: "Whatever" (709)
(Charleston.net) Cool "I Believe" license plate with Christian cross coming soon to South Carolina and Florida (w/pic) (627)
(Metro) Cool Offended by being whistled at by a group of workmen, woman responds on the only logical way. By stripping naked (315)
(Philly) Followup John Lowe, executive v.p. of ConocoPhillips, couldn't remember his exact salary. He just dives in and swims around (230)
(Daily Mail) Interesting Buried Chinese miner survives for a week by eating toilet paper and drinking his own urine. He'd be pissed if he wasn't so wiped out (61)
(Some Poll) Amusing New poll finds that 55% oppose gay marriage, 38% support gay marriage and the remaining 7% see a penis when they look at the graph (582)
(Telegraph) Silly And I would iron one hundred miles / and I would Iron one hundred more / just to be the wife who'd ironed two hundred miles / but you'll still drop them on the floor (33)
(The Scotsman) Scary This botched-vasectomy story will make all men cross their legs and wince in sympathy (150)
(590 KLBJ) Amusing Austin cop fired for repeatedly hiring prostitutes, providing women with drugs, and paying a woman for sex by giving her some of his wife's clothes (45)
(Daily Mail) Unlikely Old and busted: Hillary in 2008. New hotness: Chelsea in 2016. No, really (224)
(AZCentral) Sad Fuel prices force farmer to ditch tractor in favor of mule. "It's the way of the future." (97)
(Telegraph) Strange British guy's girlfriend is a Herbie the Love Bug replica named Vanilla. And he wants you to know that he's had sex with 1,000 cars, but he's not weird or anything. Vanilla offered no comment (95)
(South Coast Today) Stupid Teens commandeer school intercom, read from Orwell's "1984". Behavior lecture that followed leads to the most idiotic student protest in recorded history (135)
(Shotgun!) PSA The official rules for calling "Shotgun" (95)
(News.com.au) Obvious Meeting an internet lover in real life can frequently be disappointing and fall short of expectations. More at 11 (136)
(Some Sailor Gal) Photoshop Photoshope this tope (69)
(Orlando Sentinel) Florida A toy turtle, a G.I. Joe action figure, golf balls, shotgun shells, a spark plugs, glass, dog collars, a doll, lawn-mower parts, milk jugs, beer cans, deer bones, a skunk, and smaller gators have all been found in the stomachs of alligators (39)
(Science Daily) Obvious Study confirms drunk driving fatalities are rising in areas that enact smoking bans in bars. So smoking bans are killing innocent people under the guise of health. That's some fine legislation there, Lou (266)
(How to do things) Spiffy Nine ways to open a beer without a bottle opener. If you can't do it with a lighter, you fail at life (263)
(Farktography) Farktography Theme of Farktography Contest No. 159: Dark and Forbidding. Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme (207)

Wed May 21, 2008
(Guardian.com) Unlikely Dalai Lama will go to Beijing Olympics if Tibetan peace talks are constructive. So they got that goin' for them, which is nice (66)
(Seattle Times) Interesting Health Department: "Medical-marijuana patients should be allowed more than 2 pounds of pot every two months." Governor: "What are you smoking?" (126)
(WFTV) Florida High school student has artwork censored during school exhibit because it used pieces of the American flag. First Amendment spins in grave a little faster (239)
(Scientific American) Interesting ?sesrevinu rehto ni drawkcab nur emit seoD (175)
(Fox News) Dumbass 32-year-old woman gets four-month suspended jail sentence for bait-n-switch scam involving a 15-year-old boy and a picture of Pamela Anderson's chest that she presented as her own... claims she was just shading the truth (92)
(Metro) Amusing Tom Tom, should I go left or right? Tom Tom, should I go straight? Tom Tom, why won't you answer me? Tom Tom, why are we merging with a plane? (69)
(Canoe) Dumbass Canadian man, not content with $341,000, seeks further compensation for developing phobias, sleeplessness, irritability and a lack of sex drive after finding a fly in his water bottle (84)
(Daily Mail) Strange Nothing unusual about taking a twenty-six year old's case to the European Court of Human Rights, until you notice the plaintiff is a chimpanzee (52)
(KNBC) Scary Scientists detail scenario for the "Big One." Step 1: EVERYBODY PANIC (95)
(WOAI) Amusing Sure sign the economy is in a downturn: Cash-strapped callers flood "Crime Stoppers" hotline with vague clues hoping for rewards (42)
(My Fox Tampa Bay) Stupid 39-year-old man offers $5000 to find Miss Right in a local Maine newspaper, unaware that "Miss Right Now" is available in those same classifieds for a lot cheaper (58)
(CBS Minneapolis) Amusing A tisket, a tasket, it's a class to build your own casket (53)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop this rock formation (54)
(NYPost) Asinine The Rev. Al Sharpton once threatened to march on Dr. Dre's recording studio unless the rap artist donated a half-million dollars to Sharpton's charity (164)
(MDN) Amusing Two girls to represent Japan in World Cosplay Summit. In other news, there's a World Cosplay Summit (197)
(NBC 11) Strange Online auction allows you to get your ugly-ass dog cloned (20)
(Onion AV Club) Amusing The Onion AV Club taste tests some of the weird "Asian Pringles" flavors, including Curt Schilling's favorite (109)
(The Tennessean) Dumbass Grand Theft Golf Cart (38)
(Live Science) Interesting How coffee changed the world. AKA "History of the lucious latte and magnificent mocha" (133)
(Some Guy) Asinine Canton, Ohio, vows to jail anyone growing grass. No, not the kind you smoke -- the kind you mow and tell kids to get off of (258)
(The Ledger) Florida Man arrested for naked alligator wrangling, again. Lost part of his arm the first time (55)
(CBS Chicago) News Drew Peterson, ex-cop whose fourth wife is missing, will surrender on gun charge. Reason: Gun barrel too short under state law (187)
(Denver Post) Weird Winning tickets to "American Idol" finale by drinking pork blood soup really takes the sting out of mismanaged car detail prize (48)
(Fox News) Cool Lost parrot tells veterinarian its address. Polly wants a steak (100)
(Some Guy) Interesting Does Alcoholics Anonymous fit the definition of a cult? (857)
(MDN) Silly Japanese women model old British Airways uniforms, including one that would give Don Cherry nightmares (142)
(MSNBC) Interesting First dinosaur tracks found in ancient Arabia, right where the Bible says Jesus® rode his brontosaurus (780)
(Chicago Tribune) Weird Dead moose in yard finds way to Craigslist (87)
(Some Guy) Ironic Gay community not convinced by bar boss who says homosexuals are welcome at former gay-only pub. Could have something to do with the female strippers and giant "Now Straight" banner outside bar (224)
(MinnPost.com) Amusing HealthPartners in Minneapolis reveal their new mascot, Petey P. Cup (62)
(Gothamist) Followup Old and busted: $175 burger. New hotness: $30 TV dinner (169)
(KVIA) Dumbass If you're going to dial 911 15 times to call for a cab, make sure you have enough money once one shows up at your home (24)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop these lovely pink flowers (36)
(ABC News) Unlikely Today's media fearmongering article: "Sex and the City turned me into a 14-year-old whore" (522)
(WESH.com) Florida Creator of N'Sync and Backstreet Boys sentenced to 25 years. Talk about a slap on the wrist (190)
(USA Today) Interesting From the "Where were you five years ago" file, FBI agents objected to torturing detainees (94)
(WLBZ2.com) Dumbass If you're going to sell weed in high school, it's probably best not to sell it to a principal from another school (123)
(BBC) Ironic Signs warning drivers of the number of road deaths now causing road deaths (49)
(The Big One) NewsFlash Yesterday: Hillary wins Kentucky. Today: Ohio starts knocking bridges down (157)
(News.com.au) Dumbass "Oops, my bad" is not the correct response when your judge asks you why you answered your mobile in the courtroom (100)
(IOL) Obvious There's never a right time to publish sexy earthquake photos (122)
(NewsBusters) Followup Remember those 75,000 people who showed up to hear Obama? Actually, they showed up for a free rock concert, so most probably won't be voting or getting off your lawn (932)
(The Morning Call) Amusing Deer with glass jaw finds out the hard way not to break into a hair salon (34)
(WZVN) Florida Not news: Man crashes garden party. Florida: In his Chrysler (44)
(My Fox DC) Scary When demanding immigration reform from your state's governor, it is best not to send them an email threatening to "choke the life out of" them if you don't get it (57)
(WISHTV) Dumbass Being thrown 70 feet by a freight train is God's way of telling you your music is too loud (76)
(ABC News) Asinine U.S. military at Gitmo softened up detainees for Chinese intelligence. Sing along: "It's a small world after all..." (274)
(Daily Mail) Strange Milkman claims he was harassed by a gang every day for six years. Doesn't know their names, but says they have strong bones, great smiles, white moustaches (70)
(Some Drunk Guy) Spiffy Esquire picks 100 best bars in America. Submitter's fave, The Earl, in East Atlanta makes the list (360)
(Guardian.com) Cool Monaco, the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican, has decided to annex the ocean (56)
(Daily Mail) Strange Muslim man threatens to sue driving school for sending transsexual instructor. No word given on why he was so sure about... oh, there's a pic (352)
(La Crosse Tribune) Dumbass Teen charged with posting nude pictures of 16-year-old girl on MySpace. When told by police he could go to jail for posting the photos, "his reply was, '(Expletive) that. I am keeping them up'" (242)
(CNN) Cool McCain's chief media advisor quits rather than campaign against Obama (173)
(Flickr) Photoshop Photoshop this imminent fail (47)
(Buffalo News) Spiffy Pit bull saves owner from samurai-sword-wielding boyfriend. Your dog wants sake (70)
(ABC 2) Interesting A test of low calorie foods shows that restaurants are serving up a load of lies. No wonder America is getting fatter (88)
(CBS Sacramento) Dumbass Actual headline: "Hundreds of thousands in pot found at Sac. Intl." Last paragraph: "The street value of the drugs is estimated at $125,000." Thats some nice police math work there, Lou (73)
(My Fox DC) Sad Anti-war veterans barred from marching in National Memorial Day Parade. "Sad" tag trumps "asshat warmonger" tag (203)
(CBS Sacramento) Interesting City: We're having a drought, stop watering your lawns. Homeowners: Hell no. City: We'll give you $1000. Homeowners: (109)

Tue May 20, 2008
(MSN) Stupid 18 Things A Grown Man Should Never Have, Or How A Writer Can Sound Like a Pretentious Douche (481)
(CNN) Followup Obama wins Oregon; Hillary loses three oxen fording the river, and two members of her party have dysentery (730)
(Reno Gazette-Journal) Sad State Assemblywoman stabs husband of 7 weeks in arm. And he has the balls (or lackthereof) to tell police he is actually just very clumsy and he did it himself after falling down some stairs into a cabinet. Yeah, that's the ticket (52)
(Some Guy) Stupid In an effort to prevent them from drinking too much on their birthdays, some states have outlawed serving 21-year-olds until 8 a.m. on their birthday (128)
(Boston Globe) Stupid House passes bill requiring OPEC to sell oil to China instead of the United States (308)
(Local6) Florida Man wearing hockey mask robs Orlando-area Piz-za-za, Hut-Hut-Hut (80)
(Reuters) Scary Homeowners, struggling with rising fuel prices, higher electric bills, falling house prices, now have new crisis to deal with: higher ammo costs (171)
(Seattle Times) PSA The roads will be jam-packed this weekend with people more eager to celebrate a paid day off than actually willing to memorialize those who've died in service of this country (128)
(Politico) Misc Clint says Clinton might have a sudden impact on the campaign trail tells her to run the gauntlet any which way but loose in her pink Cadillac and she may yet beat the rookie. If not, she'll end up on heartbreak ridge (85)
(AP) Amusing Not news: man in trouble for loud music at night. News: it's Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" set on repeat. Fark: he's 61 and British (31)
(London Times) Interesting After hundreds of years, Cornish speakers agree on how to speak their language. Pinta korev marpleg? (49)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Followup Remember that 2,000-pound anchor the Navy reported stolen? Turns out it only weighed 500 pounds and wasn't stolen at all (32)
(Gimundo) Cool The new pet mini-pig is just as smart as a dog, and doesn't shed. But is it worth giving up bacon for? (106)
(Kansas City) Interesting Milk industry under investigation for price fixing, skimming 2% off the top (74)
(ABC News) Followup Ted Kennedy's prognosis? Chemo and radiation in an attempt to transfer the tumor out through his throat, through the arm of the TX governor and have it fall out on the stretcher (230)
(AP) Scary As god as my witness, a flying turkey crashed into the courthouse window (48)
(Huffington Post) Ironic The 1996 bill Senator McCain introduced would have crippled his 2008 campaign (132)
(New Scientist) Interesting Five vestigial things you've got but don't need. Suck it, intelligent design (407)
(ABC News) Interesting Controversy swirls around new treatments for ADHD have you seen my new bicycle "Ironman" rocked out I'm going to summer camp next week why does your face look like that my grandmother smells like caraway seeds (124)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop the 225 Information Processing System (72)
(Reuters) Interesting Iceland tops the list of most peaceful nations on the planet. The US scored 97th, just below Belarus, Cuba, South Korea, Chile, and Libya (310)
(CNN) Dumbass In an effort to save money and be economical, woman spends 7.5K on a geo metro off eBay. Is also considering buying more to "flip" them (379)
(AP) Strange 12-year-old boy gets drunk on his dad's beer and steals his dad's car to find a girl he met earlier at the rodeo. Then things reallly get weird (92)
(London Times) Interesting The story of Scotland is totally imaginary, only appears every 100 years (93)
(CNN) Interesting Court rules U.S. currency discriminates against the blind. Not sure what the U.S. Treasury will have to do, but we can probably rule out cash settlement (191)
(The Sun) Stupid Media loses interest in "man caves", now focusing on "man drawers" (108)
(WSRZ.COM) Florida If you're a guy, and you get into a fight with another guy over a Mariah Carey song, it's time to hand in your Man Card (89)
(BBC) Followup Now White House says Bush DID apologize for Quran burning (128)
(Some Guy) Dumbass "Hello, 911? I'd like to report a robbery in progress." "Really? Or are you just trying to distract the cop that's about to write you a speeding ticket? ...Hello?" (71)
(Breitbart.com) Unlikely Greenpeace wants rich countries to give poor countries $47 billion a year not to cut down their forests. Rich countries ask if they want that money delivered electronically or by elves flying magic unicorns (249)
(Reuters) Stupid This weeks media focus over a $175 hamburger brought to you by The Wall Street Burger Shoppe (71)
(My Fox DC) Amusing Final DC Quarter Design in. Carjacking, Glock Automatic and Politician smoking crack surprisingly miss final cut (156)
(Philly) Amusing Having spent his money on two divorces and enough steroids to turn a mouse into an elephant, Jose Canseco is now so broke he'll box anybody for money (106)
(Breitbart.com) NewsFlash Sen. Kennedy has brain tumor, superhuman liver (1057)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Asinine Ohio parents are complaining that a chaperone sealed students in their hotel rooms with duct tape during a high school choir field trip to Chicago (212)
(Yahoo) Obvious EPA Chief: I think it's a great idea to let states regulate tailpipe emissions Whitehouse:psst whisper psst. EPA Chief: by which, I mean it's a terrible idea and the EPA will not allow it (137)
(Daily Mail) Stupid Stationery shop stocks Playboy bunny stationery on same shelf as Winnie the Pool and Mickey Mouse. Surprisingly, someone had a problem with this (94)
(USA Today) Asinine Your snowflake no longer has to worry about getting zeros on schoolwork since 50 is the lowest score in the nanny state (410)
(Some Guy) Amusing Pilot and stewardess lose each other during sex in the woods. "Police found him hiding behind a shed wearing nothing but a wristwatch and flip-flops" (105)
(Metro) Ironic Weapons instructor shoots himself in the pants while demonstrating how to safely holster a pistol (155)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop this desert television (96)
(The Tennessean) Obvious Study finds teens use oral sex to preserve virginity less often than previously thought. Next up, study on how often teens lie in studies (523)
(Some Guy) Dumbass "Official Boobie Inspector" has found himself in a handful of trouble (97)
(Some Guy) Asinine FEMA:"You have to get your floodwall inspected." Town: "Okay, we've got the money." Corps of Engineers: "Sorry, you have to use our money, and we don't have any to give you" (122)
(CNN) Followup Iraq Prime Minister: Bush apologized for soldier desecrating Quran. White House: What the f*ck are you smoking? No he didn't (536)
(Sunderland Echo) Dumbass Suspect being chased by police leaps from his bike in a daring escape bid, lands on the hood of a patrol car (30)
(VillageSoup.com) Asinine Maine's Legislature has once again approved the state's nuclear safety inspector job paying $71,000, which is kinda strange considering Maine hasn't had a nuke plant in over a decade (108)
(ABC News) Obvious New York Governor Paterson hospitalized after discovering what a headache it is to run his state (48)
(Canoe) Amusing Man solves problem of sky-high fuel prices by digging an oil well in his own backyard (95)
(IndyStar) Dumbass Springtime in Indiana: the birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and a man gets caught leaving a crack house with two grenades in his pocket (29)
(USA Today) Stupid Ah, America. Where "doing your Civic duty" and "what's in it for me?" come together in a happy chorus (87)
(CNN) Obvious Consumer satisfaction with airlines is rising, indicating that air travelers have moved into the "acceptance" stage of grief (60)
(LiveLeak) Interesting Minnesota news crew covering controversial state funded Muslim school attacked by Muslim students. Hospital reports condition as severe cognitive dissonance (229)
(TheSpec.com) Strange Man has hand hacked off during party altercation. Partygoers refuse to finger assailant. Police stumped (45)
(The Sun) Hero Being pregnant doesn't stop this man's man from mowing his lawn. The Sun is there (194)
(Daily Mail) Interesting Angry Germans are invading Poland again (104)
(Washington Post) Obvious The surge worked so well we are deploying 7 more brigades so we don't drop below pre-surge troop levels (125)
(BBC) Stupid If you get drunk, it's a baaad idea for ewe to set fire to someone wearing a sheep costume, as you could get fleeced (17)
(USA Today) Stupid Royal Caribbean: "Get a brain, Morans" (244)
(Abc.net.au) Amusing Dumb: Going to the gas station stoned. Dumber: Paying your tab with pot. Fark: There's a cop behind you (55)
(ABC Action News) Florida Smokers looking for jobs need not bother applying with Sarasota County (147)
(London Times) Scary Is there any aspect of Britain left that does not resemble Terry Gilliam's movie "Brazil?" (92)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop this red bocce ball and the pallino (42)
(News.com.au) Amusing Jeff Fenech says he would have been a better boxer if he wasn't having sex with five women a night. Tough call (41)
(Abc.net.au) Misc A German family were left stunned when a rampaging bull burst through the back door of their house, charged around the living room, and then left by the front door. Status of china closet unknown (27)
(WWL 870) Weird After Mother comes to school to confront son about his involvement in an armed robbery, he shoots himself in the leg three times to establish an alibi. Then, things get weird (29)
(SLTrib) Interesting To guard against West Nile Virus, Utah swiftly deploys elite group of guard chickens (39)
(CBS Salt Lake City) Stupid Woman might lose her $51,000 home because of a $300 unpaid dental bill (285)
(Seacoastonline.com) Interesting Community rallies to support beheaded ant (65)
(London Times) Interesting Good news: Teenagers in Britain are developing bigger boobs. Bad news: They're boys (74)

Mon May 19, 2008
(Houston Chronicle) Spiffy Four ex-AOL executives reach plea deal with SEC, must surrender stolen money and perform 5,000 HOURS OF FREE SERVICE (78)
(AP) Asinine Supreme Court upholds law making it illegal to convince someone you have child pornography to show them (278)
(AZCentral) Interesting How accurate is that breathalyzer test? Well, not so much. A judge has tossed out breath tests in 49 DUI cases and that could just be the tip of the iceberg (188)
(ESPN) Cool Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, one year removed from beating cancer, throws a no-hitter against the KC Royals (219)
(Schenectady Gazette) Strange Man clad only in pajama bottoms flags down cars looking for a ride to the hospital, two blocks from the hospital - and then it gets weird (34)
(The Local (Sweden)) Interesting Amateur mistake or the ultimate Cold War PSYOP? Recently declassified tapes reveal that instead of tracking a Soviet sub in 1982, the Swedish navy was actually recording a civilian charter boat. Or was it...? (46)
(Slate) Interesting Reporting from South Ossetia, which split off from the country of Georgia and was once part of the Soviet Union, but is not part of Russia now, and is not to be confused with North Ossetia, which is part of Russia. Got it? (49)
(Some Guy) Sad Sandwich Rehab Hospital Cuts Jobs." No condiment from hospital spokesperson. Patients reassigned to Mayo Clinic (66)
(Daily Camera) Amusing The first rule of scavenger hunts is don't talk about scavenger hunts. Especially if everything on your list must be stolen (46)
(SeattlePI) Scary 59 Indians die after drinking tainted liquor, oooohhhhhh, tainted liquor, whoooooaaa, tainted liquor (96)
(Sign On San Diego) News San Diego blown by a Hilton (66)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop this F-16 (87)
(Boing Boing) Weird Flying penis disrupts Russian meeting. Penis (Not safe for work: helicophallus) (135)
(WSRZ.COM) Florida Car stereo too loud in Sarasota, FL? That'll get'cha towed and allow you to hear the old farts yelling at you to "get off their lawn" (111)
(Houston Chronicle) Interesting UT versus Aggies rivalry to find a new, more peaceable venue than Texas sporting events: The Middle East (73)
(The Tennessean) Asinine Hello. 911....Oh, your house is on fire? Call your city councilman (65)
(Some Literate Drunk) Interesting A lengthy discussion of the causes of, names of, and cures for the hangover. Subby's favorite cure: two Alka-Seltzers dropped in a double shot of tequila (162)
(Chicago Tribune) Misc Are you sick and tired of all the tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes and wildfires? If so, you may have "disaster fatigue" (70)
(Some Guy) Interesting July 22, 1961: What life will be like in the year 2000 (295)
(A Very Slow Typist) Amusing New keyboard design eliminates mistakes, typing (82)
(Cracked) Amusing Eight child prodigies so amazing they'll ruin your day (118)
(CBS 2 Lost Angeles) Unlikely How many squirrels does it take to disable air conditioning at Los Angeles International Airport? Yep, just one (33)
(News.com.au) Spiffy Two beer fans have launched a video game named Place to Pee, which allows players to fly down ski slopes or kill aliens while relieving themselves at urinals (43)
(Seacoastonline.com) Interesting Man held on $10,000 cash bail for stealing $1.99 can of beer. Tells judge: I don't need a lawyer, I've been in this court more than you have (72)
(NJ.com) Obvious Not everyone is happy to see babies and children in bars. Especially the ones that throw darts (299)
(C|Net) Sad Arthur W. Burks has passed away. To all the farkers that think a Ph.D actually IN Philosophy is so useless. Think again, those people can end up changing the world (230)
(USA Today) Obvious Because the Baby Boomers are retiring and Congress has promised them so much, you're on the hook for $500,000. Next time you see a senior enjoying your tax dollars at the casino, kick him (272)
(WTMJ) Amusing News: 2,000 pound anchor stolen from front yeard of Naval Reserve Station. Fark: it took four months before anyone noticed it was gone (95)
(Sociology Teacher Guy) Strange What employers should look for when hiring women... in 1943. We've all come a long way, baby (site ads are not safe for work) (401)
(Local10) Florida Ladies and gentlemen, I'm just a caveman. Your world frightens and confuses me. When I see an airplane, I think it's a big, giant bird. So I shoot at it (71)
(AJC) Interesting Professor claims that today's students are "lazy and deficient" because of their dependence on technology. Students shrug, send him a friend request on Facebook (349)
(Washington Post) Unlikely Childhood obesity is a problem in the US, so of course the blame is cast on the federal government for not spending enough money telling you not to buy a Big Gulp and Snickers for your toddler (391)
(madison.com) Sad One job your high school counselor never mentioned: Panhandling. They average $10 to $15 an hour and don't have to fight rush hour traffic each morning (337)
(Some Guy, Eh?) Cool Happy Victoria Day, Canadian Farkers. Break out the round bacon and watery beer in celebration (142)
(Some Guy) Photoshop Photoshop this happy purple bear (105)
(Washington Post) Cool Senior English major wins $67k school literary prize, which unfortunately is the last money her English degree will ever get her (192)
(Some Guy) Amusing Subby: "I spit out my coffee when I went to Yahoo today" (116)
(AFP) Interesting Cool: Entire island for sale at only $29.3-million. Fark: It's located in English Channel (87)
(SFGate) Misc Got milk? (65)
(Discovery) Florida Giant Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin invade Florida. Giant John Cleese taking longer to get there because his walk has gotten sillier recently (57)
(ABC News) Asinine Houston police raid nightclub and arrest 130 people for public intoxication. That's some fine police work there, Lou (340)
(Fox News) Interesting The hills are alive with the sound of not in my backyard (51)
(Spiegel) Interesting The next time you're rude to a customer at your McJob, just tell your boss it's part of your health regimen (44)
(Some Newspaper) Scary $4 gas? Who gives a fark. Bacon is up $6 a case in one week (106)
(M.E.N) Scary Anyone entering the city will have their car photographed and identification recorded. Move along citizen (102)
(NYPost) Strange Remember all those missing bees from last year? Apparently they just decided to vacation in NYC. EVERYBODY .... [ow ow ow ow] ....PANIC (49)
(Hartford Courant) Weird Connecticut school districts begin selling carbonated 'fizzy' fruit. That's how Mikey died, you know (65)
(CBS 46) Silly To battle an apparently slow news day, this local news outlet breaks out the big guns: A nearly 900-word analysis of the best chocolate milk known to man (86)
(Telegraph) Sad Not satisfied with cancelling pillow fights, English police have acted to prevent the world's largest custard pie fight from taking place (40)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Interesting Riding a scooter saves more than just on gas... it saves you from worrying about keeping your dignity (349)
(Some Jealous Bastard) Stupid Cops bring in male high school teacher for having sex with female student more than 20 times in 5 days. He'll be holding seminars there for two weeks, then writing a book. (with rather tired looking mug shot) (248)
(Forbes) Interesting The 21 most expensive status symbols to repair. Your mechanic wants a deposit (231)
(MaineToday.com) Spiffy I'll see your duct tape prom dress and raise you a gum-wrapper gown. With a minty fresh pic (108)
(The Moscow Times) Spiffy Rising incomes among Russians fueling sales of sex toys and racy lingerie. Giggitsky (50)
(The Register) Silly Yorkshire police spring into action to prevent an illegal pillow fight (30)
(NW Florida Daily News) Florida Married beef jerky thieving couple chase witnesses all the way to nearby police station. Husband explains "I attempted to pay for the beef jerky but that [expletive] clerk would not take my money." (43)
(Google) Photoshop Photoshop theme: Petroglyph pictogram. Create a storytelling pictogram using petroglpyhs. Difficulty -- no captions (57)
(Santa Barbara Independent) Dumbass Naked man charged with attempted murder. No word on where the weapon was found (19)
(NW Florida Daily News) Florida Deputies interrupt church spring fling after table of women start hurling obscenities at guy named Robert. At least his name wasn't Richard (31)
(UPI) Cool Rare beetle, one which hasn't been recorded since 1951, has been spotted in England muttering something about being more popular than Jesus (33)
(Twin Cities) Dumbass When facing trial for assault, it is probably ill advised to attack your lawyer in an open court (28)
(MSNBC) Interesting Top 10 close encounters with streetlights and weather balloons caught on tape (62)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Obvious WWJDTAACWKSAUIAC (What Would Jesus Do To An Autistic Child Who Kept Spitting And Urinating In A Church) (298)
(AP) Interesting The city of Chicago unveils the Scavenger 2000, a garbage boat with two robotic arms that can pick up 4,600 pounds of trash in the Chicago river in a typical day while searching for Sarah Connor (74)
(Stuff) Hero Naked newsreader says she's doing it for her son(Not safe for work-ish pic) (184)